End grain cutting board

Custom handmade wooden cutten board using maple and oak . Perfectly food safe and ready to use. 
This handmade end grain cutting board is a must have for any serious cook and also is an eye-catching art piece for your kitchen, durable enough for everyday use. 

- Dimensions are are approximately 12”x16”x2”. 
- It is possible to do any size of cutting board, please contact us for a custom size.
- European hardwoods
- Treated with special mineral oil
- Finger Grips cut outs on both sides
- Doesn’t Dull expensive knife blades
- Made by using friendly food glue, 100% non-toxic
- Handmade in Europe
- It is ready for use as soon as you receive it.

This listing can be personalizing for you. It can be any carved Name and Date, any picture. We are also making cutting boards with pictures by using different colors of wood. You can see it on lust photo. 
It will be perfect for any occasion. 
Please, contact us.

With simple care your new cutting board will retain its beauty and strength for many years to come
- Hand wash board with warm water and a mild dish detergent than towel off and allow to air dry
- Don’t put cutting board into dish washer
- Don’t expose cutting board to extreme heat, cold or open flame
- We highly suggest you read the care instructions for your cutting board, which also is included to each cutting board
- Approximately monthly re-condition the board with food grade mineral oil

Each item is handmade, so can be vary slightly from the picture due to natural variations in wood color and grain.

41 x 31 x 5 cm (length, width, height) 
16" x 12" x 2" (length, width, height)

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